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     Dick Bennett                 SGT. Bennett,  USMC

Dick Bennett is a Seattle native, specializing in the Seattle area. He is knowledgeable in contract negotiations, marketing, technology and finance. He understands the market during these changing times, and works on behalf of his clients through the entire process.

Dick Bennett, Senior Broker WA. State  


What we do Best

We have been buying and selling profitable businesses since 1989.We don't just evaluate the business by their finances,we look at the Owner's running the business along with their employees.The proper maintenance of their equipment, the overall atmosphere, and attitudes are also considered. We also take a special Interest in looking at the business from the outside in who are their customers, and the marketplace environment


 "We want you to succeed with any business you may purchase".



  • Full-Service Warehouse   $1,750,000

  • Riverton Construction, Inc.  $5,525,000

  • Asphalt and Paving Operation  $ 3,500,000

  • Manufactured Home Sales Center  $499,000

  • Carpet Cleaning Service   $49,000

  • Lake Stevens, 30 Multi Family  $9,250,000,000

  • Retail and Office Property  $ 5,887,500

  • Mattress and accessory outlet   $175,000                ideal for setting up your own franchise 

  • Turnkey Real Estate investments $3.5 to $17,000,000

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